Choose the best Escape room Venice

Tecum, beyond your usual escape room: Venice and Valencia!

Are you ready to go back in time?
Tecum is a brand new and original Historical Mistery Game, like you have never experienced before.

What does it have that other escape rooms don’t?
For starters, your goal isn’t escaping from a random naked room. You have to immerse yourself in our stories, using your best assets to solve the tricky mysteries standing on your way. Once inside our characters’ minds, leaving is not an option: it’s gonna be a wild ride for sure!


What’s more, our stories enjoy a truly unique setting, decorated with antique furniture and vintage memorabilia, every detail planned to perfection. Team work, sharp intuition and keen senses will be your greatest weapons in your fight against time.


Will you be able to get to the end of the story? Prepare to live an experience you won’t forget!


Our Games

Our stories are 100% original and the result of years of hard work. We kindly ask you to respect our games by not divulging their copyrighted contents.

Murder at the Palace

Be the detective Venice needs! Loose yourself in a psychological thriller among old secrets and shady affairs of the decadent aristocratic life of 19th century Venice.
4-10 players
120 minutes




Crime at Velluters

A fancy atelier in the heart of Valencia suddenly turns into a crime scene. Will you be able to catch the killer in time?
2-5 players
90 minutes




Lei Tsu and the secret of Silk

Along the way of the enchanted Silk Road will you be able to overcome all the challenges thrown your way and discover Lei Tsu’s magical secret?
2-5 players
60 minutes




Lord Byron’s dream

Coming Soon!

Venice, 11th November 1817: Lord Byron is half-asleep, lost between reality and dreams. Hazy crepuscular figures fill his head… old pains, lovers, passions, scandals in a river of words. In the madness of his imagination, he comes to a sudden realization: the key to find the meaning of his life and put an end to his misery.


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Unclosed ingredients
Luxury Cuisine
Dinner with the Gods
Venetian Masks
Beyond Perfume


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Fallero in one day
Silk Jewelry
The Art of the Fan
Paint your work as a Street Artist
Wicker and Silk Bags


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